Government POS

Government POS hardware range from mobile computers and barcode scanners to touchscreen displays and label printers. CTI offers a multitude of government POS and hardware products to make transactions simple and efficient. Upgrade to a mobile payment terminal to attract a larger base of credit- and debit-cardholders. A state-of-the-art touchscreen POS terminal makes processing orders faster than ever before. Serve your customers more quickly with top of the line point of sale systems from today.

Point of Sale Systems: Real Time Solutions

Point of sale systems from CTI enable employees to transact payment authorizations immediately via a variety of convenient methods, from a simple dial up connection to Ethernet, WiFi and more. Collect taxes, fees, or any monies in real time, saving you and the taxpayer time and money. CTI's wide selection allows you to pick the exact device to meet your agency's needs. For example, the Motorola Barcode Scanner model DS457 is a compact, hands-free, powerful device that can read virtually any bar code—whether it's displayed on a small screen like a smartphone or etched into another product.

A Receipt Printer for Accurate, Reliable Results

The right receipt printer can go a long way towards speeding up transactions, improving quality control, and ensuring satisfaction for both parties. CTI can pair you with a fast, smart, and durable machine no matter the volume or environment of your transactions. A Zebra receipt printer like the incredible QL 420 Plus is user friendly, wireless secure, and extremely tough, yet smart enough to handle complex labels, medical records, and much more. Browse CTI's vast selection of POS products and put the "organize" back into your organization. Our outstanding service experts are ready to help provide a quote or answer any other questions for everything we offer. Call 888-284-4685 or contact us online today.