Security Hardware

Security Hardware from, includes surveillance cameras, digital recording systems and video surveillance systems from top brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Bosch and Pelco. Installing these security products in and around your building will keep it safe from possible intruders while also monitoring employee activity. Our surveillance equipment provides live feeds so the premises will always remain secure, and identification systems are ideal for time tracking purposes and individual employee verification.

Surveillance Equipment: Always on the Lookout

Surveillance equipment can be installed to the interior or exterior of a building, providing security over the places that matter most. Whether you’re looking to track employee activity or monitor what’s happening outside, offers state-of-the-art technology to fulfill any need. We even carry a wide array of dummy cameras to deter suspicious goings-on, in or outside of the building. Our affordable products allow companies to either maintain the appearance of around-the-clock security or to truly monitor the surroundings with a premier video surveillance system.

GSA Products for Everyday Security Solutions

GSA products from include additional security measures to protect personal devices, including laptops. The Targus Laptop Security System, for example, protects your notebook using an alarm and stainless steel cable motion sensor technology, and it can easily be attached to any carrying case or piece of luggage. Never feel worried about carrying your laptop through an airport or public place again. The Targus lock is especially helpful for businesspeople with sensitive information on their computers.