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Government Purchasing of over 400,000 products for agencies and businesses of all sizes is possible at CTI. We offer thousands of top brands such as Panasonic, Motorola, Seagate and HP. Whether its upgrading the memory and storage in your office computers, overhauling your point of sales system, or increasing the safety of your employees and property, you will be sure to find it on

To view CTI's GSA Supply products, register for an online account and visit our Government page. You can also request a quick and custom online quote.

Where GSA Supply Challenges Meet Custom Solutions

Whether you are shopping for top-of-the-line computers for government or looking to protect your assets with industry-leading security products, CTI is committed to bringing you the highest quality technology that your organization needs. CTI can also assess your current IT environment and determine areas for improvement. Implementing new surveillance equipment and IT products is easy with CTI Store.

Surveillance Equipment Is Only the Beginning

State of the art surveillance equipment and related products are all available at In addition, you'll appreciate our line of computers for government, such as Panasonic Toughbooks, that perform in the harshest environments.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, collecting, processing and sharing information efficiently and securely will give your organization a competitive edge. With the products available at, your organization will be ready to adapt to changing demands and regulations as well as new opportunities.