Configuration Services

CTI provides a wide range of configuration services so that your solution is delivered to you exactly to your specifications. We help streamline the configuration process, allowing your IT staff to focus on other more important matters.

Hardware Configuration Services

CTI Hardware Configuration Services include, but are not limited to, the installation of memory, hard drives, optical drives, digital video editing, NIC cards, modems, video cards and other peripherals.

We provide standard and custom hardware configuration for PCs, Servers, Racks, laptops, printers, PDAs, Apple (desktops, laptops) and Sun workstations.

Software Configuration Services

CTI can install and configure most commercially available operating systems including Microsoft Windows platforms, variations of UNIX including Linux and Mac OS X, as well as popular software applications.

Rack Configuration Services

CTI can configure and mount hardware to your specifications so it arrives pre-installed in a rack cabinet.

Firmware Configuration Services

CTI installs firmware updates or versions as specified on your system.

Custom Imaging Services

CTI will load your image on your PCs as your systems are being built so you receive your hardware preconfigured and ready to deploy.

Asset Tagging Services

CTI helps you identify and track assets by installing asset tags on your hardware. You can easily identify equipment for stock checks or technical support calls. Asset tags may be selected in a variety of formats and sizes.

Laser Engraving Services

CTI can customize your notebook by laser etching such information as your name and/or logo. Other customization includes etching special characters onto keyboards to support foreign languages. Read more about Laser Engraving Services